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Member Principles, Expectations, & Reporting

These are our requirements for membership: 

  • You’re looking to meet new people and / or have new experiences. You’re looking for meaningful, connections among other groups.

  • You’re kind to others. Not everyone will be your type, share your background or agree with your views. However, you believe each person you interact with on Tribe deserves your kindness and respect. 

  • You’re looking to meet new people in real life. Tribe encourages meeting in real life. We think this is the best way to form meaningful relationships and experience new things. 

If you come across someone on Tribe who isn’t meeting these requirements - on the app or in real life - we encourage you to report them. It not only helps you, but it helps the rest of the community. Depending upon the severity and the frequency of the reporting, that member will be warned or banned. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any content or behavior that is lewd, disrespectful, discriminatory, threatening or harassing. Our member support team reserves the right to exercise their judgment in all cases. 

How to report a user:

  • Email

  • Subject line: Report A User

  • Explain in detail why you are reporting a certain user and who the user is.

  • You may also report users directly within the app

Reporting is an anonymous and permanent action.

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